Jams & Fruit Preparations

Once a means of preserving fruits out of season, today’s fruit preparations and jams industry spans a variety of product categories.

From end consumer products, to ingredients for bakery and dairy manufacturers, sugars play a key role in this sector. However, manufacturers in this category are facing increasing consumer demand for healthier, lower-sugar indulgences.

When dealing with jams and fruit preparations, it is important to select the right sweetening systems and starches. This allows manufacturers to tackle technological hurdles such sugar crystallization and water migration over time. In addition, it allows maintaining the shelf-life, sweetness, taste and texture in sugar-reduced products.

Here’s where Galam’s decades of expertise come into play. We offer high quality sweetening ingredients such as non-GMO crystalline fructose, glucose syrup and stevia-based sweeteners, as well as tailored sugar blends. Galam application laboratories are ideally positioned to offer expert and customized sweetening solutions. Our sweetening specialists analyze every customer’s product on its own merits to determine the optimal sweetening formulae. Our line of starches also plays a key role in jams and fruit preparations development, functioning as thickening and gelling agents.