The confectionery segment’s broad product range includes sugar and sugar substitute-based sweets, chocolates, fillings and aerated confectionery.

Across this product spectrum, confectionery manufacturers are expected to find the elusive and delicate balance between tasty indulgence and healthy treat. In order to satisfy today’s health-conscious consumer, more steps are being taken towards reducing sugar, adding functional additives and using natural ingredients. The challenge is to do so without compromising on a product’s taste, mouth-feel and shelf-life.

Correctly identifying and combining high purity sweeteners and other ingredients can mask off-notes, generate optimal texture, appearance and taste, and tackle technological hurdles such as filling spread out or sugar crystallization.

Here’s where Galam’s decades of expertise come in. We offer high quality sweetening ingredients such as non-GMO crystalline fructose, glucose syrup and stevia-based sweeteners, as well as tailored sugar blends. Galam application laboratories are ideally positioned to offer expert and customized sweetening solutions. Our sweetening specialists analyze every customer’s product on its own merits to determine the optimal sweetening formula. Our line of starches plays a key role in confectionery product development, functioning as gelling agents, dusting aids and texturants.