An extensive food category, the bakery industry ranges from basic goods like bread to indulgent pastries, such as cakes and cookies.

Baked goods comprise a complex ingredient system, in which any changes in key ingredient quantities can dramatically influence the product’s texture, shelf life and taste. Added to this, the manufacture of baked goods has become even more challenging with increased consumer preferences for reduced fat, salt and sugar products.

Achieving the desired product outcome without taste or texture compromises requires some skillful choices: Selecting the right ingredient mix, while taking into consideration every ingredient’s individual properties and interactions with other ingredients when blended.
Here’s where Galam’s decades of ingredient expertise come in, offering an in-depth knowledge into the multi-faceted nature of baked goods’ formulations.

We provide the following ingredients for baked goods:

Ingredient Benefits

• Moist and soft texture
• Rapid browning
• Enhanced chocolate taste and fruit flavor fillings


• High intensity sugar reduction with a sugar-like taste (where stevia
  usage in baking is regulatory allowed)

Liquid Sugar

• Improved consistency
• Operational advantage
• Tailor-made solutions


• Thickening and stabilization of dough 
• Maintaining freshness
• Increased shelf life 
• Improved crumb texture
• Fat replacement
• Improved viscosity and spread
• Smooth and creamy consistency in fillings
• Sticking prevention


• Nutritional values enrichment
• Improved crumb texture
• Rapid browning
• Improved water & fat retention
• Emulsifying properties

Instant Cereals

• Protein and fiber enrichment
• Improved water retention
• Replacement of modified starches in bakery fillings
• Thickening agent

FOS Oligo-syrups

• Fiber-enrichment
• Crunchiness
• Rapid browning