Alcoholic Drinks

Selecting the right sugars for alcoholic beverages is a complex science.

Careful consideration is required regarding the effect of sugars on the fermentation process, their stability in acidic and alcoholic environments and their impact on the color of the end product.

Added to this, the modern alcohol industry increasingly pushes the boundaries of traditional beverages, releasing reduced sugar versions of many long-standing products. Like the wider food and beverage industry, alcoholic beverage manufacturers also face the challenge of delivering sugar reduced alternatives without compromising on a product’s taste, mouthfeel and shelf-life.

Galam is globally recognized as a sweetening specialist, bringing in-depth understanding into the intricacies of sweetening solutions. We offer high quality ingredients such as non-GMO crystalline fructose, glucose syrup and stevia-based sweeteners, as well as liquid sugar blends, customized to meet your alcoholic beverages’ unique needs. Galam application labs are ideally positioned to offer expert solutions, with our team of specialists analysing every product on its own merits to determine the optimal sweetening formula.