Flavored Water

Increasing health concerns and healthier life-style habits are driving consumers to opt for flavored water over less healthful alternatives such as carbonated beverages.

The challenge lies in ensuring an optimal taste profile while preserving the healthy and natural appeal of water. It takes the right sweetening ingredients choices, expertly selected and matched, to form a clean, neutral and tasty flavor profile.

In addition, the increasing consumer shift towards healthier lifestyles continues to fuel the demand for sugar-reduced and sugar-free options. Satisfying this growing trend requires finding optimal ingredient solutions for end products which are as sweet and tasty as their sugary counterparts.

Here is where Galam’s decades of sweetening expertise and in-depth understanding of optimized sweetening profiles come in. Our premium Fruitose® brand offers an ideal sweetening profile for flavored water, delivering a clean taste with rapid onset and no lingering.

Our extensive portfolio of natural sweetening ingredients, combined with years of experience in reduced sugar solutions can help you deliver great tasting and nutritional flavored water products.