Juice Drinks

Containing fruit and added ingredients such as sweeteners, flavorings and colorings, juice drinks are considered both a wellness and indulgence drink.

As this market continues to evolve, consumers expect new and innovative flavors with packaging varieties to suit their different lifestyles. In addition, healthier alternatives are increasing in popularity, offering no sugar, low calorie and nutrient-fortified juice drinks.

The key to formulating juice drinks lies in the proper selection of the fruit base and matching sweetening and texturizing ingredients. These ingredients should deliver the right taste and consistency, while maintaining the healthy and natural appeal of juice drinks. With sugar reduced alternatives, it is also important to maintain the same tasty experience as found with their sugary counterparts.

Galam presents customers with a range of solutions for juice drinks. Our variety of high quality sweetening solutions, starches, fibers and instant cereals allow you to achieve your product’s desired taste, optimal texture and enhanced nutritional value. With Galam you not only gain access to our rich ingredients’ portfolio, but also the specialist knowledge necessary to assure optimal solutions for your juice drink applications.