Increasingly popular with consumers, sauces offer an array of flavor and texture choices for an enhanced culinary experience.

Sauces can be used in cooking, desserts, salads and more, with textures ranging from liquid and flowing to viscous and spreadable. Hand-in-hand with the versatility of this food category, come several key challenges for manufacturers: Preserving product’s shelf life, while maintaining stability at low pH levels, avoiding syneresis and preventing particle sedimentation in the continuous medium.

An additional consideration is the drive for healthier products as part of a healthy lifestyle, which has also found its way into the sauces category. Consumers are increasingly substituting their traditional sauce choices with low sugar and low fat versions.

Galam offers decades of expertise in helping meet the unique needs of the sauces category. We offer high quality sweetening ingredients and starches that support the demand to reduce sugar and fat, providing ideal solutions for sauce applications.