Soft Drinks

Among the most widely consumed beverages in the world, carbonated soft drinks can be found in endless varieties to suit any taste and lifestyle. Together with consumer expectations for more innovative tastes and convenient packaging, the demand for sugar-free alternatives continues to gather pace.

When developing soft drink formulations, sweetening ingredients need to be carefully selected and matched to achieve an optimal sweetening profile that remains stable in an acidic environment.

Added to that, rising health concerns are causing soft drink formulas to be re-examined. In creating sugar-reduced soft drinks, naturally sourced sweeteners such as stevia are gaining popularity. The challenge, however, lies in masking the after-tastes of sugar substitutes to ensure a tasty and appealing end result.

Here is where Galam’s decades of sweetening expertise and in-depth understanding of optimized sweetening profiles come in. Our extensive portfolio of natural sweetening ingredients such as non-GMO fructose and stevia based sweeteners, combined with years of experience in reduced sugar solutions, can help you deliver great tasting soft drinks as well as sugar reduced alternatives.