Paper and Tissue

As part of Galam’s strong commitment to the paper industry we offer a broad portfolio of high quality products to serve wet-end and surface treatment applications. Our goal is to improve the paper making process, focusing on product quality, cost reduction and decreased environmental impact.

Cationic Starches

Galam’s GalCat, GalPulp and GalTis product lines enhance paper products in terms of dry strength, retention, and drainage, under various production and machine conditions. Our ready-for-use cationic starch solutions are easily diluted with water and can be applied in a wide range of wet-end chemical processes commonly found in today’s paper and tissue industry.

Key product benefits:

  • Retains effectiveness over a wide pH range (accommodating acid, neutral and alkali papers)
  • Available in various degrees of substitution (DS)
  • Retains all types of fillers, such as clays, PCC and titanium dioxide
  • Excellent performance in ASA/AKD size emulsification applications
  • Improves dry strength properties


Paper Surface Sizing Starches

Galam understands that today’s paper industry faces rapidly changing requirements for various paper grades. This is precisely why we provide a wide range of modified starches for surface sizing applications as well as carbonless paper.

Galam offers GalSize and GalCoat surface sizing starches product lines. Not only improving paper quality in terms of strength, smoothness, printability and dust reduction, but also accommodating different production and machine conditions. Our range of products is compatible with CMC, pigments and optical brighteners.

Key product benefits:

  • Increases surface strength
  • Increases stiffness
  • Improves surface smoothness
  • Improves printability
  • Reduces dusting
  • Reduces moisture absorption
  • May be used as a carrier for adding pigments and optical brighteners