Low Glycemic Index

In recent years scientific evidence has emerged to support the connection between a low glycemic diet and a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
Supporting this, the Glycemic Index ranging from 0 to 100, is a method used to measure the extent to which carbohydrates impact blood glucose levels. In seeking a weight controlled or healthier diet, consumers do not need to completely avoid all sugars and carbohydrates. Carefully selected sweetening ingredients such as fructose and the use of Sweet dietary fiber, GOFOS™, can offer a sweet taste while still achieving a low GI.
Galam understands the importance of low glycemic nutrition and offers a portfolio of ingredients that enables the manufacture of low GI products. Our long-established Fruitose® brand has a GI of 20, the lowest GI among natural sweeteners and our GOFOS™ a sweet prebiotic fiber that has GI close to 0. This benefit is supported by the recently approved EU health claim that fructose, Fruitose®, leads to a lower blood glucose rise.

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